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Fashion reflects our current political and cultural climate. With a wave of geopolitical crises, climate change and technological advancement,
we are increasingly looking towards space and the future. Here at HEMYCA the future is our vision.
As expected soft pastels, muted brights and pops of neon team effortlessly to welcomed spring this season. However it was the fusion of
sleek fabrics on the runway that caught the attention of HEMYCA. Experimenting with fabrics has long been a customary aspect in the
fashion universe evident in magnificent collections from the likes of Versace and Balenciaga. Designers consciously probe evolution
through fabrics and textiles, using their originality to add another dimension, to express individuality.

HEMYCA’s Manon cape and the Marguerite dress exemplify the progressive nature at HEMYCA. Both are available exclusively from our Bespoke Collection.
To find out more about how to have a stunning gown made to measure just for you,  book your bespoke appointment at 
Innovation courses through the veins of HEMYCA. Metallic and Iridescent fabrics, feathers and PVC have all been explored to merge the spheres of illusion
with the actuality of the HEMYCA woman. Themes of restriction, release and genesis permeate the craft work of HEMYCA garments.

“We are inspired by everything, Stanley Kubrick, Yves Saint Laurent,

Wilfredo Lam. We daren’t adhere to any traditional lines. If we are to embrace

our future we must remain open”.



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