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We are excited to announce the winner of our Bridal Competition Helen Turrner!!! Helen was invited to the studio to meet the HEMYCA team and to choose her dress. Here is the beginning of her story...

"I stumbled across HEMYCA by chance when I saw a few of their bespoke dresses they had made for clients while looking for dress ideas for our blessing in late 2019. We have been married 23 years and decided after a few changes in our life to reaffirm our vows. When I got the Email congratulating me on winning a bridal gown I was in total disbelief, I felt so happy it was like walking on air, my mind racing with the thought of the dress and our big day. I was invited to the studio in London to meet Myra, the designer, and the team. For some reason I was now nervous but that was just about to all change. On entering the office I was met by Myra with a beaming smile (you don't get that from a boutique in the high street). That's when I knew this was going to be a whole new experience. We chatted for a while talking about the plans for the big day, the venue, the reception and what kind of theme we were aiming for and most importantly, how the dress would interact not only with me but also my surroundings. Then I got to see the Bridal Collection

"The collection is like a small clutch of little pearls in a sea of old traditional norms that we find in most bridal shops. Ten styles to suite the modern, strong individual woman. Bold lines with strong details all with a graceful elegance. I was really taken aback by the subtle details like that of Goldie that has a mix of satin, leather and lace, its a real stand out gown. The lovely satin Sophia dress that deserves to be worn by a Greek goddess is just beautiful in its simplicity. The collection really is all about details from capped sleeves with feathers on Florence to the Marguerite gown that is beyond words and really needs to be seen, it is just so modern, edgy and strong yet wonderfully feminine."




"The time came to try on my dream dress and, in all truth, I wasn't expecting it to fit, but HEMYCA clearly make dresses for women with an actual figure and so I got an idea and a feel for how it will look.  

After having a few measurements taken for some alterations, we then discussed subtle changes like lowering the back a little, raising the bottom of the bodice and making the skirt a little fuller. All of a sudden the dress was being made for me, now that was really unexpected. I have a fitting in February that's when we will see the dress start to come alive..."



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